18-Wheeler Accident on Interstate 20 in Parker County

An 18-Wheeler was driving at a high rate of speed and never slowed down for stopped traffic; the 18-wheeler slammed into a mini-van causing a husband and wife permanent injuries requiring multiple surgeries. The driver of the mini-van had a lumbar fusion and ACL surgery; the passenger of the mini-van had to have rotator cuff surgery.

Brian Hargrove with a man and woman smiling at the camera

“Brian has helped us out so much. From our major accident in 2014 when we were smashed into by an 18 wheeler to yesterday when it was all said and done! Him and all the ladies in his office have been there for us. We could not have done this without them! Thank you for having our back!!”- Lorrie

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Black SUV is extremely damaged in the back from an 18-Wheeler Accident