Rear End Car Accident on Furgeson Street in Dallas

Brian Hargrove hugs a happy client, a woman with white hair and a brown shirt

Type: Car Accident – Rear end

Location: Furgeson Street, Dallas

Injury: Neck injury

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Linda was stopped at a traffic light on Ferguson in Dallas, when she was violently struck from behind by a struck from behind by a Nissan Sentra.

After calling 9-1-1, Linda was waiting for the police to arrive when a Dodge Dakota struck the Sentra, slamming it into her for a second time.

In typical fashion, the insurance companies started pointing blame to avoid paying her damages. The offers made did not even pay her medical expenses. Therefore, we filed a lawsuit against both drivers. A week before trial both claims settled for nearly 10 times the original offers.

“Brian is the greatest. Brian and his team worked hard for me and got me a lot more than what the insurance companies were offering to start with." - Linda