Company van causes rear end car crash on State Highway 199 in Springtown

Brian Hargrove and a woman in a white shirt smile at the camera

“Brian took care of everything. He made sure I saw the right doctors and all my treatments were taken care of. Not only did he make sure I received a fair settlement in my case, he made sure that the medical bills were fair and I was not overcharged. Brian did all of this and I did not have to make endless phone calls or anything. Just concentrate on getting better. If anyone is ever in a wreck they need to call him first. I never had one minute of worry thru the whole experience thanks to him.”

Description: Our client was stopped at the red light at the intersection of State Highway 199 and Jay Bird Road in Springtown. A commercial van traveling at a high speed slammed into the rear of client’s car. The driver of the van was distracted and did not see the traffic was stopped. The force of the violent collision caused our client a torn rotator-cuff requiring surgery.

Type: Car Accident                 

Location: Highway 199 in Springtown   

Injury: Torn rotator-cuff 

Originally Posted: AVVO

Black car has major damage on the rear end from a car accident