Distracted driver fails to yield the right of way at Murphy Drive and Highway 121 in Bedford

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“I was in a car crash in 2015. The other driver’s insurance offered me a very small amount to settle, but I had a totaled vehicle and a broken bone. I was hurt and unsure of what to do. I decided to obtain an attorney after that initial offer. I did my research and found Brian Hargrove. He has gone above and beyond for me. It took over 4 years to settle my case. Although I was more than prepared to go to trial, he attended a mediation on my behalf to help me avoid it. I couldn’t be happier with his level of professionalism and dedication. He also couldn’t have been more accommodating. He even met with me on Saturdays so I wouldn’t have to take time off work. He always told me that I had the truth on my side and he would fight for me for as long as I would let him. He did just that. The final settlement offer was 56 times the amount of the initial offer. Yes, 56 times. I’m amazed and have only great things to say. Thank you, Brian!”

Description: A very nice young lady was driving on Murphy Drive in Bedford when a distracted driver field to yield the right of way, causing a violent T-bone crash. The distracted driver admitted to the police at the crash scene that he “had a green light but not a green arrow”. Even though the crash reported showed fault, the insurance company denied the claim. We were forced to file a lawsuit. The case was eventually settled before trial.

Type: Failure to Yield Right of Way Car Crash             

Location: Murphy Drive and State Highway 121 in Bedford 

Injury: Scars from airbags, Neck Injury

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White Acura car with major front damage from car accident