Negligent driver Runs a Red Light at Forest Ridge Drive and Airport Freeway in Bedford

Brian Hargrove stands next to a happy client with long brown hair

“Mr. Hargrove and his staff have been extremely helpful and supportive in my case. I had never been in this situation before and constantly had questions. Brian led me in the right direction to get my case settled in a timely manner. Brian is very down to earth when speaking to me, but very aggressive in his profession. Thanks for all of your help. I'd recommend him to everyone.”

Description: A negligent driver ran a red light at the intersection of Forest Ridge Drive and the access road to Airport Freeway t-boning our client. The reckless was driver was faulted by the investigating police officer and got a ticket for “running a red light”. Our client was transported by ambulance to the emergency room. The car wreck caused neck injuries requiring epidural injections. Even after all the evidence, the insurance company (who likes to talk about being in “good hands”) did not even offer to pay the medical bills!!! We are eventually able to reach a settlement.

Type: Ran Red Light Car Accident             

Location: Forest Ridge and Airport Freeway access road in Bedford

Injury: Neck Injury requiring epidural injections     

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