Rear-end car wreck on Highway 377 in Keller resulting in Neck Surgery

Brian Hargrove stands smiling next to happy client; woman with short blonde hair

“I began working with Brian based on a referral from a colleague. My case took almost 5 years to settle, the wheels of justice do move slowly and patience with the system is so important. Brian gave me the expected course of the way that the law works on the first visit and so that helped greatly knowing the process. We met off and on over the years did deposition prep on a Saturday for my convenience. I felt I was very well prepared for the deposition which was intimidating process. It went well and in the end we settled and Brian was able to get right at 15 times the amount of the original settlement offer. It is a learning process and I think eye opening about how humans behave sometimes but I felt like Brian was very skilled in managing my case and was able to anticipate things and be proactive in building my case and most especially we never veered from the truth. The truth was the most important thing to me and Brian was adamant about moving through this whole thing because we had only to tell the truth.”

Description: This case involved a rear-end collision two days before Thanksgiving. Because of the holiday, our client wasn’t seen by a doctor until the following Monday. Ultimately, our client was required to have neck surgery.

The insurance company (that likes to cause “Mayhem”) denied responsibility for the injuries. We were forced to file a lawsuit. The insurance company tried to intimidate our sweet client, but she was prepared and stood tall. The case eventually settled for policy limits prior to trial. 

Type: Auto Accident     

Location:  Highway 377 and FM 1709 in Keller 

Injury: Neck Injury resulting in Surgery       

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View of back end of black SUV with back window smashed from car accident