High speed rear-end collision on Interstate 35 in Fort Worth, Texas

Attorney Brian Hargrove smiles next a smiling woman in a maroon shirt

“I had a friend who referred me to Mr. Hargrove when I was involved in a car accident. He went above and beyond to ensure not only that I was financially covered, but that my health was taken care of as well. He and his team were responsive and also treated you like family. I cannot speak more highly of this group! Thank you for all that you have helped me with!” -Mariah

Anybody who has driven on I-35 knows traffic slows down during rush hour. However, some drivers just don't care, as in this case. A speeding driver never slowed down for traffic, running into the back of our client. 

Type: Speeding driver on I-35 runs into back of stopped traffic 

Location: Interstate 35 in Fort Worth, Texas

Injury: Traumatic Brain Injury

Originally Posted: Google, AVVO, Facebook