Uninsured Driver Ran a Stop Sign entering State Highway 199 in Springtown

Attorney Brian Hargrove stands with his arm around a man with a white beard and glasses

“I would like to say that contacting Brian Hargrove was the best decision of my life, but I didn’t do it! My wife Linda Did. I was only days out of the hospital, riding a Wheel Chair with a 30cc drool. Hit by an Uninsured Motorist and did not expect any compassion at all. Within a few minutes of contact with Brian, He explained that I could receive compensation.

The process is slow. Billing from the hospital and Surgeries took most of two years to compile. When the bills were all in a Pile, Brian started his job. A few months later, what I expected, to be a couple of Thousand dollars, turned into Tens of Thousands of Dollars! Brian knows where to look! Thanks to my wife for contacting Brian. Don’t try battling the Insurance companies alone!”


Description: Another major car crash on Highway 199 in Springtown! Our client was driving on Highway 199 in Springtown, when a negligent driver runs a stop sign. The negligent driver ran a stop sign entering Highway 199 directly in front of oncoming traffic causing a major car accident.

Type: Car Accident 

Location: Highway 199 in Springtown

Injury: Fractured Leg

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A red car is badly damaged from an accident