How Much Does It Cost to Hire Brian Hargrove Law?

With Brian Hargrove Law in Fort Worth, TX you do not pay anything at all unless we win your case and win the money you deserve for your compensation. So it will not cost you anything to hire us and we will only charge you a percentage of the money we won for you.

We will go over everything together in person or by phone what all charges will be from so you will feel rest assured there will no surprises. One major advantage of Brian Hargrove Law is that we do not charge by the hour unlike other law firms. We work to make sure you receive compensation needed for your injuries and medical bills and want to help you out during this difficult time so we would never charge by the hour.

With our firm, your win is also our win so we will be working the hardest to make sure we all win. Once a settlement amount is reached, fees will be taken out for attorney's fees, case expenses and unpaid medical bills. Our law firm will go over the settlement offer in detail with you and what it would mean before you would sign so you have all the details.