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Texas Dog Bite and Dangerous Dog Attack Law

Texas dog owners are not automatically responsible for dog bites and dog attacks. However, there are several ways an owner can be held responsible for the injuries, including:

  • Negligent handling of dogs
  • Dangerous dog attack
  • Dog bite laws and city animal ordinances

Insurance companies frequently deny claims by dog bite victims who are not represented by an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Negligent Handling of Dogs

Texas law holds dog owners responsible to dog bite victims for negligent handling. Dog owners are required to keep their dog under control. If you were injured by a dog bite you may have a claim against the dog owner. Dog bite victims must prove four things to prove negligent handling of the dog.

Dangerous Dog Attack

The Texas Dangerous Dog Act is a law for anyone who owns, possesses, or controls a dangerous dog. Owners have a responsibility to keep their known vicious dogs from hurting people. There is no excuse for a dog bite injury when a person is attacked by a known dangerous breed of dog. Dog owners, business owners, and property owners have a duty to protect us all from dog attacks. This is especially true for children playing in neighborhoods and parks.

Dog Bite Laws and City Animal Ordinances

Many Texas cities have dog ordinances. These ordinances require registration and duties for dog owners. Fort Worth have laws for dog owners designed to protect our safety, including:

  • Leash Laws
  • Laws requiring dogs be kept in a fenced area

The safety rules on dogs are for our protection. However, some dog owners don’t always follow these safety rules. An experienced dog bite lawyer will know the dog bite laws and city ordinances. Proof of violating the dog safety rules can overcome a defense by the insurance company and allow you compensating you for your injuries.

If You or a Loved One Have Suffered Injuries From a Dog Bite or Dog Attack You Need an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

You must have an experienced personal injury lawyer to protect and preserve your dog bite injury claim. The Law Office of Brian C. Hargrove will do everything we can to get you the maximum compensation for the injuries. We can even help make arrangements for your medical care.

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