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In 2019 there were 39,193 accidents and injuries involving commercial motor vehicles in Texas, according to the Department of Transportation. Commercial vehicles include 18-wheelers, semi trucks, fuel tankers, buses, and vans. As the traffic continues to increase in Fort Worth and throughout Tarrant County, so do the number of truck wrecks.

Attorney Brian Hargrove has over 20 years experience fighting on behalf of Texas Truck Accident Victims. Car accidents with trucks, including all commercial vehicles, involve specific nuances of law.

Time after a trucking accident is critical. Trucking companies have 24-hour rapid response teams “on call” to protect their interests. The trucking company will immediately begin working to prove they are not responsible. You need an experienced trucking accident attorney in Forth Worth fighting to protect your interests.

Trucking Laws and Regulations

Given their great size and weight, commercial trucks are capable of causing catastrophic damage to other drivers and their passengers in the event of an accident. While there are many reasons truck accidents occur, one of the most common ones is fatigued driving.

Whether through their own negligence or out of pressure from their bosses at the trucking companies they work for, truckers were often overworked and under-rested. The result is truckers falling asleep at the wheel or driving negligently due to a diminished capacity to drive safely.

In order to combat these issues and lower the number of truck accidents on the road, policy makers created the hours-of-service regulations. The main purpose of these set of rules is to prevent fatigued driving, more specifically, ensuring that truck drivers are not overworked and get an adequate amount of sleep and rest each day.

According to the hours-of-service regulations truck drivers:

  • Can work a maximum of 14 hours in a single workday
  • Must take rest or meal breaks equaling 3 of those 14 hours
  • Must rest for at least 10 consecutive hours before beginning a workday
  • Truck drivers are required to take days off work at regular intervals

Unfortunately, these rules are not always followed. All the hours truckers are required to spend resting can impact the financial bottom line of trucking companies which gives them an incentive to break them. An experienced truck accident lawyer in Fort Worth from our firm will conduct a thorough truck accident investigation to learn more about the cause of your accident so the appropriate party can be held responsible.

Contact the experienced truck accident lawyer at Brian Hargrove Law now for your

Do I Need a Lawyer After a Truck Accident in Texas?

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a truck accident, hire an experienced truck accident attorney immediately. Many truck accident injury victims make the critical mistake of believing they can handle it themselves. Truck accident cases involve unique Texas trucking laws and Federal trucking regulations and should only be handled by an experienced trucking attorney.

The insurance company will immediately begin working to deny your truck accident claim. As a victim of a serious truck wreck injury, the most important thing you can do is take care of your health. You need an experienced attorney dealing with the insurance company.

An experienced truck accident lawyer in Forth Worth will begin an immediate investigation. Unfortunately, many lawyers and heavily advertised firms skip this process. Important pieces of evidence like the truck’s black-box, GPS data, and even the truck have a way of disappearing. At Brian Hargrove Law, we immediately send a “spoliation letter” to the trucking company to preserve all evidence.

The trucking insurance company’s “Rapid Response Teams” will start an immediate investigation. The insurance company’s only goal is to protect the trucking company’s interests. Once you hire Brian Hargrove as your truck accident lawyer, we go right to to work conducting a thorough investigation.

Who is Responsible for My Truck Accident?

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, there are a number of potential responsible parties. The list of parties potentially responsible for a serious commercial truck accident goes well beyond the driver. Identifying the potential responsible parties alone makes truck accidents very complicated. At Brian Hargrove Law, our experienced trucking accident team and lawyers conduct extensive investigations to determine all responsible parties for the negligence that caused your injuries. Some parties liable for truck accidents in Texas include:

  • Truck Drivers
  • Trucking companies
  • Trucking owner
  • Cargo Company

What are the Top Causes of Truck Accidents?

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the leading causes of truck driver negligence include:

  • Loss of Control (i.e. speeding)
  • Distracted Driving
  • Failing to keep in lane
  • Following too closely
  • Driver Fatigue

What Kinds of Truck Accident Injury Cases Does Brian Hargrove Law Handle?

An accident with a large commercial truck is likely to result in death or serious bodily injury. The sheer size and weight of large commercial vehicles increase the chances of serious bodily injuries to everyone involved in a truck accident. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a trucking accident, you will need an attorney experienced handling those kinds of injury cases to get full compensation. Attorney Brian Hargrove has over 20 years experience handling truck accident injuries, including:

  • Back injuries: cervical fusion, lumber fusion, herniated discs
  • Brain injuries: mild brain injuries, traumatic brain injuries
  • Knee injuries: torn acl, torn mcl
  • Neck injuries: cervical fusion, herniated discs
  • Shoulder injuries: torn rotator cuff injuries

Were You Hurt in a Truck Accident but Don't Have Health Insurance?

The first thing you should do after a Truck Accident is to seek immediate medical attention. Your health should be top priority. Finances should never prevent a person from getting medical attention. Brian Hargrove can assist you get the medical care you need without paying anything out-of-pocket.

Truck accident victims are responsible for any medical treatment. Unfortunately, hospitals and other medical facilities do not bill the at-fault driver of their insurance company. However, even if you do not have health insurance, Brian Hargrove can help find medical providers to get you the medical care you deserve.

Were in Injured in a Truck Accident But Your Doctor Won’t See You?

Many primary care physicians will not see their patients after a car accident. First, most family doctors do not regularly treat truck accident injuries. Second, primary care and medical doctors don’t take auto accident cases because of the additional paperwork. An experienced local Fort Worth truck accident attorney will be able to assist you to find doctors who will see truck accident injury victims.

What Types of Compensation Are Available for Truck Wreck Victims?

A trucking accident injury victim may be entitled to compensation from the truck driver, trucking company, or some other negligent party. There are two types of compensation available as the result of an accident involving a truck: economic damages and non-economic damages. Forth Worth truck accident attorney Brian Hargrove has the experience necessary to get the maximum amount of compensation for all damages.

Compensation for economic damages from a truck accident include:

  • Past Medical Expenses
  • Future Medical Expenses
  • Lost Wages
  • Loss of Earning Capacity

Non-economic damages to compensate the injury victim and/or family include:

  • Pain and Suffering in the Past
  • Pain and Suffering in the Future
  • Mental Anguish in the Past
  • Mental Anguish in the Future
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Brian Hargrove?

There’s no fee until we win! You don’t have to worry about if you’re going to be able to afford an experienced truck accident lawyer. We take our truck accident cases on a “contingency fee basis”. You don’t pay anything until we win!

Truck accidents can be costly to pursue and to properly investigate. Unfortunately, many lawyers and heavily advertised firms don’t spend the time and money necessary to get full value. If we take your case, there are no up-front expenses to you. We take all the financial risk so you can focus on your health.

Contact Brian Hargrove today to be on your path to recovery without the worry of finding medical treatment.

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