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    I can’t give a higher recommendation than Brian Hargrove.

    Searching for a lawyer can be a very difficult task, knowing who to trust with something as serious as your health is not an easy decision, and there are plenty of hack lawyers out there that will sell you the moon with no intentions or ability to follow through. Brian’s not only a straight shooter, but he’s also extremely well respected and even feared in his profession.

    From start to finish Brian is extremely forthcoming about the process and how to handle it. He doesn’t take on many cases, but if he chooses to take on yours, he will tackle even the most minuscule details. He does the work from the ground up and makes absolutely sure, both he and his clients are prepped and prepared. He’s always maintained a great and friendly staff, Michaela is sweet and extremely helpful to deal with.

    I don’t often take the time to write these reviews, but I met Brian over 10 years ago and have been both a client and also consider him a good friend. I can’t give a higher recommendation than Brian Hargrove.

    - Mike Vomhof

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    I was always kept in the loop and informed.
    Brian and his office really take a miserable situation (car crash and following lawsuits) and make it as bearable and streamlined as it can be. I was always kept in the loop and informed. I feel like I got the best outcome that I could have in this situation, and I would recommend friends and family.

    - Cody Van Fleet

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    They will work very hard for you!

    Mr. Hargrove and his staff are amazing! They will work very hard for you! I highly highly recommend! Thank you Brian (and Jennifer) for all that you've done for us!!!

    - Rico Rodriguez

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    I couldn’t have been happier!

    I was urged by a friend to contact a lawyer after I was involved in a horrible car wreck. My husband found Brian and we had a meeting where he agreed to take on my case. I had no idea how the process worked. However, Brian and his team - Michaela in particular - were amazing! They guided me through the entire process from start to finish, called frequently with updates, and did most of the leg work! I couldn’t have been happier!
    If you are looking for a straightforward lawyer who gets results, then Brian is the man for the job. He doesn’t make promises he can’t keep!

    - Leann Ramsey

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    I was at peace all through and everything was well done.

    The work of Brian Hargrove Law is excellent. They took my case seriously and I didn't have to do anything. I was at peace all through and everything was well done. Thank you so much, Brian and team! You deserve to serve the community because you're trustworthy.

    - Today B Easyy

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    5.0 stars
    5.0 stars

    - Decena

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    Don't be another case number!
    I can't say enough great things about the team at Brian Hargrove Law. Brian and Michaela are amazing. What started off as a nightmare of a wreck has led to my medical bills being taken care of and a settlement for my pain and suffering. The team set up my rehab, help make sure I was physically recovering, and checked in. One thing I will say is understanding this is a process. It does not happen overnight. Or within months. My case was settled almost 22 months after my wreck. Don't settle for the loud guys on TV or the radio. Go with Brian that will call you personally and not treat you as another case. From my experience morals, hard work, and great customer service are hard to find. I went with my gut and found them all here. Thanks again, guys!

    - Mike

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    Attorney Hargrove is one of the best in the business!
    Brian is one of the best in the business! He always answered any questioned I had in a timely manner and we settled for what was fair. I hope I never have to use an attorney again but Brian would be on the top of my list if I ever need him. Thanks, Brian Hargrove Law!

    - Jennifer

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    Hands Down the Best Man for the Job

    Hands down the best man for the job. Brian and his staff are very informative and I was never left in the dark about what was going on. Always in contact with me. I would recommend Brian to anyone who needed a lawyer. I feel as if I gained a friend. Thank you, Brian, for everything.

    - Renee

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    Dedication, Advice, & Professionalism
    It was a bit longer than I had anticipated to get my case resolved, but in the end, I saw just how good Brian is at his job. Watching him in action was impressive, to say the least. Do I feel I should have been granted more for the irresponsible, negligent actions of the man that rear-ended me and my granddaughter on the highway as we were at a dead stop, to which I have no recollection of to this day? Absolutely! But, I’m satisfied with the hard work and dedication Brian gave to my case to get me as much as he could.
    Would I recommend and/or hire him again? Absolutely!

    Thank you and your team for your dedication, your advice, and professionalism in every detail.

    - Cindi

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    Forever grateful

    I was referred to Mr. Hargrove from my Dr. I almost went with one of the TV attorneys. After one meeting with Mr. Hargrove, I knew this was the man I wanted to work with. His staff is friendly and helpful anytime I had inquiries about my case. Mr. Hargrove takes his time to explain the process and express complete transparency. Thank you, Mr. Hargrove, for being on my side and fighting for me. Forever grateful.

    - Andrea

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    We could not have done this without them

    Brian has helped us out so much. From our major accident in 2014 when we were smashed into by an 18 wheeler to yesterday when it was all said and done! He and all the ladies in his office have been there for us. We could not have done this without them! Thank you for having our back!

    - Lorrie

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    Brian Hargrove and his staff are amazing

    The whole time my case was open I only had one job, and that was to get better from the accident. Mr. Hargrove and his staff handled everything else. I highly recommend Brian and his staff if you ever find yourself in an accident, please contact him right away. He will walk you through EVERYTHING you need to do with zero stress on your part. Thank you Brian for all your help!

    - Former Client

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    He will take care of everything

    Brian Hargrove is a great lawyer to have in your corner after a wreck he will take care of everything.

    - Brian

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    I am very pleased with the service received

    I am very pleased with the service received at Mr. Hargrove’s Office. Definitely would recommend to anyone that I know. Without a doubt, he takes the EXTRA steps for his clients!

    - Patti

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    Brian is the greatest

    Brian and his team worked hard for me and got me a lot more than what the insurance companies were offering to start with.

    - Linda

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    Very happy!

    I was in a car accident that required an ambulance and left me out of work for a month. The first lawyer I had hired dropped my case immediately after receiving the denial letter from the insurance company. The second lawyer accepted my case, but did nothing with it for nearly two years, and then dropped it a mere month before the statute. That’s when a paralegal from the second lawyer’s office referred me to Brian Hargrove. He didn’t hesitate to take action. He immediately filed a lawsuit and the insurance company settled before it even went to trial. Very happy!

    - Colleen

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    His staff treats you like family

    I was hit & injured when someone pulled out in front of me failing to yield the right of way. Brian not only was there every step of the way but took time to explain everything & was there any time I needed. I got all my medical bills paid & a fair compensation. His staff treats you like family & although my case is over, they will be seeing me. I highly recommend him if you are ever in need. Thank you for all your hard work, Brian!

    - Cynthia

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    He will always have your back

    My family and I have used Mr. Hargrove for several accidents. When you come into the office he never makes you feel unwelcome or uncomfortable. Mr. Hargrove keeps it as real as can be. There are a lot of corners that insurance company’s like to cut, but Brian Hargrove doesn’t. Talk about going the extra mile for his clients. Insurance company’s do not have your best interest, it is all about getting a buck for them, unlike Mr. Hargrove he will always have your back. I would highly recommend anyone in need of a voice, someone that’s going to be behind them every step of the way, Brian Hargrove is your guy.

    - Ashton

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    Brian did a great job on my case

    Brian did a great job on my case. He made sure that all of my expenses were taken care of, even though the insurance company was not wanting to give in. He fought for me and got me what I deserved! I would recommend his services to anyone looking.

    - Linzy