Know Your Legal Rights When You Are Injured In A Car Accident or Wreck

When you’ve just been hurt in a car wreck, it is natural to focus on dealing with the immediate situation and to forget the potential legal ramifications of your statements or actions. In order to protect your rights and reputation, contact the Law Office of Brian Hargrove at (817) 444-4878. Since he began practicing law, Brian Hargrove has provided thorough and aggressive representation to clients facing legal matters such as personal injury resulting from auto accidents, 18 wheeler accidents, motorcycle accidents, drunk driving accidents, and uninsured motorist accidents.

The insurance companies would love for you to give them a recorded statement; sign their medical authorization; and accept their offer to let them “pay you a little something for pain and suffering” before you know what your rights are.

Choose an Accident Attorney Who Will Protect Your Interests

Brian Hargrove is dedicated to the belief that America’s legal system should work for the people. He stands up for the rights of people who have been injured or wronged, and fights tirelessly to ensure that the wrongful party takes responsibility for their actions

There is power in knowledge. That is why Brian Hargrove is a member of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association and continues to exceed the requirements for continuing legal education standards set by the State Bar to stay current on legal issues. We provide our clients with information they need to know their rights and to make educated decisions. This is especially true when selecting a law firm for:

  • personal injury
  • auto accidents
  • 18-wheeler accidents
  • motorcycle accidents
  • drunk driving accidents
  • uninsured motorist accidents

Anyone who has been seriously injured due to the negligence of another person or institution deserves full compensation:

  • for the resulting medical bills,
  • lost wages,
  • pain and suffering,
  • and other expenses.

Brian Hargrove is devoted to assisting people with serious personal injury claims.

No Attorney’s Fees Unless You Receive A Recovery

At the Law Office of Brian Hargrove, we use the Texas State Bar Approved “Contingency Fee Contract.” That means there are no attorneys’ fees unless a recovery is made on your behalf.

The Insurance Company’s Immediate Goal Is To Pay You As Little As Possible

Auto insurance companies have no qualms about denying responsibility in even the most outrageous car wreck cases that often result in lifelong pain, suffering and loss for the victim and their family. Auto insurance companies hope that by making the process difficult, you will decide to not pursue your rightful claim as a victim in a car wreck, motorcycle wreck, or truck accident. They also hope that you will not find a competent, experienced, trial car wreck attorney to handle your claim.

Texas car accident victims are beginning to realize that it’s ridiculous to think that auto insurance companies, especially in tough economic times, are going to treat you fairly on their own. It’s also foolhardy to think that all lawyers are the same. Many lawyers dabble in personal injury law while Brian Hargrove focuses exclusively on car wrecks, motorcycle accidents, truck wrecks and other areas of personal injury. And, there are also many attorneys that will accept the very first offer made by the auto insurance company. Brian Hargrove has a reputation of getting you the settlement you deserve, and he is always prepared to take the auto insurance company to court if needed to get you justice.

Auto insurance companies not only encourage denial of claims, but reward their employees for doing so!